About Us

MiddleStone Publishing (MP) is a unique publishing company specializing in giving good books a second chance. If your book has been previously published by a now-defunct press, dropped from distribution for any reason other than inactivity, or you self-published and ran into problems, we may be able to help.

MP accepts manuscripts in Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry.

We accept submissions to reprint manuscripts when:

  • The original publisher has gone out of business and rights have reverted back to the author.*
  • The original contract for publication has expired and rights have reverted back to the author.*
  • The original publishing contract was dropped for any reason other than inactivity, e.g., illness, injury, incarceration.
  • The author was unable to properly promote the book when it was previously released due to some unexpected event, e.g., illness, divorce, injury, etc.
  • The author self-published and failed due to reasons that were beyond the author’s control (and the title is not available anywhere at this time).

We are not interested in books that the author doesn’t reasonably expect to promote on an ongoing basis. If you have no real interest in promoting your book, please don’t submit your title. MP is not a repository for stale books. We accept your assertion, in good faith, that you will make reasonable efforts to promote your book.

* Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page before you submit.